Monday, January 26, 2015

Did Blake Shelton Cross the Line on SNL

Image captured from SNL YouTube Video channel aired 1-24-15
On January 24, 2015 Blake Shelton was the guest host on SNL for the very 1st time and he was pretty good.  He proved he has some acting ability and things were going quite well until the scene where he may just have taken it too far.  In this scene he was supposed to be an audience member watching a magic show.  He accused the magician of being a fraud, then he starts to believe in the magician and begs the magician to make him rich, make his hands turn into guns, and other very ridiculous things. 

Then he begs the magician to enable him to be able to perform a sex act on himself.  That is where he crossed the line.  It was pretty funny until then.  At that point it just got weird.  One has a hard time believing that Shelton had no say so about what he would or would not say during these skits.  He is notorious for putting his foot in his mouth.  To bad it wasn't his foot this time. I have attached the skit here. He must have really enjoyed that skit because he tweeted this on Sunday morning!

And also i now have the power to go down on myself!!!!