Friday, August 25, 2017

Senator John McCain responds to Donald Trump pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

John McCain right after brain surgery!
Senator John McCain took some time out from battling brain cancer to respond to #45 for pardoning that racist creep today.  Trump told his racist rally attendees in Arizona the other day that he planned on pardoning this bigot and he lived up to his word today.  The biggest idiot in the White House is very pleased with himself as he proudly tweeted the news of the pardon to his racist supporters.  

McCain responded to this by tweeting this:

Trump PIG
So instead of pardoning him yesterday, Trump waited until today just as the hurricane came barreling down on Texas.  Not only is America dealing with that deadly hurricane but we are a country are dealing with having a moron for a President.   No Trump, the Sheriff was convicted for not following the letter of the law.  The man was ordered to stop harassing Latinos and he didn't.  As a Sheriff, he was an officer of the Court.  We should all obey the law but that goes even more so for officers of the Courts like police officers, lawyers and any law officials.  

Some have to wonder if Sebastian Gorka being asked to leave by John Kelly helped decide the timing of this pardon?  All this news released to the media as Trump was on his way to Camp David so avoid the backlash and there is plenty of back lash.

We can't leave out the transgender ban that Trump signed today.  They are overturning what Obama did by saying that transgender are not allowed in the military.  

We can't forget that North Korea decided to launch 3 more missiles to let Trump know they are not afraid of him.  What the HELL is happening to his country?  Seriously??? What the hell is going on?  

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