Thursday, July 13, 2017

Donald Trump Senior throws Donald Trump Junior directly under the BUS

Junior & Senior Trump
Donald Trump Senior throws Donald Trump Junior directly under the BUS. Yes, not even 24 hours after Donald Trump Jr., tells Hannity that his father did not know about the meeting, Trump contradicts that statement. Now the committees and the special investigator want to talk to Donald Trump Jr.  He has made the cover of TIME Magazine with the head line, 'RED HANDED.' What a terrible legacy he is already building for his children. 

On the Way to Paris
Trump on Air Force One

On the way to Paris Donald Trump Senior tells his traveling administration that he knew before this past weekend that Junior had taken the meeting.  By doing that, he has effectively thrown his son under the bus.

When Bob Mueller questions Junior

When the special investigator Bob Mueller gets around to questioning Junior, things are going to be terribly embarrassing for Junior.  Has Junior been elected to take the fall for Big Daddy?

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