Saturday, July 15, 2017

4th Annual Broken Spoke Songwriters Cafe Reunion at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel this Thursday

4th Annual Broken Spoke Songwriters Cafe Reunion at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel this Thursday 

Broken Spoke Songwriters Cafe Stage
The 4th Annual Broken Spoke Songwriters Cafe Reunion at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel this Thursday.  July 20th, 2017 is the night!! This has been a favorite event for Nashville the past 3 years. The songwriters that used to play on the Broken Spoke Songwriters Cafe Stage come out the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel during Rascone Writers Nights and share stories and sweet memories of the Cafe. 

Songwriters performing this year
James Otto, Greg Martin, Jimmy Payne, Jerry Foster, Jane Bach, Billy Lee, Rick Tiger, Dan Demay, Tommy Barnes, Jan Buckingham, Pam Belford, Lynn Langham, Doug Gill, Denny Martin, Ray Sisk, Dani Carrol, Sam Cooper, Mac Elliott, James Peters, Gary Cavanaugh, Scott Barrier, Bernie Nelson, Craig Monday, Antoinette Olsen, Robin Ruddy, Jon Robin, Randy Finchum, Colleen Lloy, Duane Deemer, Bill Warrington, Desseri, Jeff Reid, Joey Boone, Jim Worley, Mark Kunkel, Rob Wolf, Ed Coffee, Donnie Winters, and Flash Gorden.

About the Spoke
Anybody that was in or around Nashville from the mid 1990’s until 2002 know all about the Spoke.  There is not one songwriter that does not have a special memory of that venue.  When the writers speak of the ‘Spoke,’ as it was so lovingly referred to, they speak of it with love.  The writers speak of the magic, the camaraderie and the hit songs that were inspired there.   The room had an air of creativity about it that has not been duplicated in any venue since. 

Lee Rascone' was one of the hosts at the Spoke as well as Debi Champion and Dale Burie.  Jack Scott hosted there for a time as well as Barbara Cloyd but Lee and Debi were truly part of the heart and soul of the Spoke. 

The owner Mark Borns, a creative soul himself wanted a place where the writers would feel at home and could inspire one another. He spoke with Lee and they decided that they wanted the room to feel like it was just some good old friends sitting on a front or back porch picking and playing tunes.  That is when it was decided that the Spoke stage would be just that, it was built to look like a front or back porch. 

Be sure to get there by 6:00 p.m. or you may not get a seat. 

Let the magic begin again!  

This is a premier listening room full of ambiance, vibe and will have some of the best writer’s in Nashville, TN taking the stage on Wednesday & Thursday nights via Lee Rascone.  With Lee’s son Lee Jay running the sound board, the sound is always pristine.  
The venue is located inside of the Millennium Maxwell House, 2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, TN, 37228
Operating Hours for Maxwell’s are:

Maxwell’s the Lounge is open daily from 2:00pm - 11:00pm 
Live music begins at 7:00 p.m. central time. 
FREE PARKING, great food and drinks and phenomenal music.  Sounds like a perfect night to me. 

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