Sunday, December 25, 2016

Wham Superstar George Michael dead on Christmas

 Wham Superstar George Michael dead on Christmas 

George Michael has died on Christmas Day
The BBC news is reporting that iconic singer George Michael former singer of the band Wham passed away over Christmas.

Michael was working on a new album and his publicist said that he passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas break from recording.

Michael rocketed to fame as the singer for the pop group Wham and then was an iconic pop star through the eighties. He was known for his stand on gay rights.

Micheal’s real name was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou and he was English and has sold in excess of 100 million records in his career. He was given the honor of the most played British artist on radio from the period of 1984 through 2004.

His debut CD “Faith” sold more than 20 million copies and he had seven number one singles in the UK and 8 in the US. Billboard lists him as the 40th most successful artist in the top 100.

Wham had an album titled, "Last Christmas" 
Michael has issues with pneumonia which caused him to cancel dates in a recent tour which included him needing a tracheotomy in order to breath. The BBC Twitter feed is quickly filling with Tweets of condolences for the singer and his fans.

The UK feed from the Mirror also confirms the death saying that he passed away peacefully at the young age of 53.

This is certainly going to be a huge blow to his fans, especially in a year that has brought so many deaths in the entertainment world and so many shocks in the world in general. The world is in turmoil politically and news like this only makes t eh year sadder.

Even people who may not be huge fans of the man or his music can likely feel the sense of loss if someone that had a huge hand in shaping modern post disco pop music.

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