Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ryan Ricks of Little River Band

Ryan Ricks
Ryan Ricks drummer of Little River Band
Ryan Ricks of Little River Band is much more than a drummer.  He is a true renaissance man.  After graduating from Belmont College in Nashville TN, Ryan played and sang with Lacy J Dalton for a few years. He went on to tour in his own band and ended up putting down the drumsticks and singing background vocals for Loretta Lynn. 

During this time Ryan got married to a lovely woman named Terri and they later adopted a beautiful little girl from China.
Ryan Ricks drummer of Little River Band
Ryan Ricks playing drums for Little River Band

Ryan changed careers and went into the computer software world.  He had left the music world until his old friend Rich Herring gave him a call.  That is when he got back to playing drums and singing with Little River Band. Ricks is a well rounded solid drummer and he is loving living his life.

Here is a drum solo of Ricks during one of his recent performance with Little River Band.  

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