Monday, July 25, 2016

Donald Trump & Hitler's "Mein Kampt," Ivana & Marla

Donald Trump & Hitler's "Mein Kampt," Ivana & Marla

Donald Trump

scary a 


when it 

is revealed in an article by The New 

Yorker that the ONLY books Trump has

 handy at his fingertips are books about

 Hitler.  Ponder on that a few minutes! 

Donald Trump loves his FAKE BAKE!
 That portion of The New Yorker article is noted here: "Trump’s first wife, Ivana, famously claimed that Trump kept a copy of Adolf Hitler’s collected speeches, “My New Order,” in a cabinet beside his bed. In 1990, Trump’s friend Marty Davis, who was then an executive at Paramount, added credence to this story, telling Marie Brenner, of Vanity Fair, that he had given Trump the book. “I thought he would find it interesting,” Davis told her. When Brenner asked Trump about it, however, he mistakenly identified the volume as a different work by Hitler: “Mein Kampf.” Apparently, he had not so much as read the title. “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them,” Trump told Brenner."

Trump has had three (3) wives but you never hear about Marla Maples.  While Trump and Maples were married for 6 years, New Yorkers got to hear all about their HOT SEX life until they divorced.  Don't believe us, check it out on YouTube

Ivana was always a force to be reckoned with.  Check out this TV show about Ivana entitled: 

Ivana Trump  

People Who Changed the World 

Wife #1, Ivana Trump survived Trumpism.  This is one strong lady. How long will his current wife be around when in fact, Donald & Ivana were a super-couple in the 80's and it didn't last!! Watch the video's folks.  These things were filmed years ago, long before Trump announced he would run for President.  These producers didn't have a crystal ball and had NO DOG in this fight!

Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:   If you don’t like ROMANCE and INTRIGUE this is not the place for you. If you do like romance and intrigue, ENJOY!!


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