Sunday, November 29, 2015

Joey & Rory: Joey's will to live

Joey spends time with her baby daughter Indiana
GOD gave them Thanksgiving.

Rory updated everyone today about he and his wife and her current situation.  They discussed just how much they should let people see into this journey.  They have decided that they are going to share it all, the good, "the bad and the beauty," says Rory.  

Joey has had some really good days lately although she can no longer get out of bed.  Rory says she is sharp and alert.  She is fighting to beat the cancer and if will alone can be a cure, she will have it beat.  

Keep praying for a miracle for this lady that wants so badly to live. If you like to help the family, there is no better way than to purchase some of their merchandise from their website store this CYBER MONDAY which will help them financially.

Rory is spending all his time with Joey and the last thing these two need right now is to worry about money.  

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Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:  If you don't like ROMANCE and INTRIGUE stay away.  You have been warned.  

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