Sunday, November 8, 2015

Angel Mary & the Tennessee Werewolves have Fairy Tale Fun with 'Ramblin'

The band Angel Mary & the Tennessee Werewolves have released a music video that features several much loved Fairy Tales from our childhood like 'Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.'  The music video really illustrates how imaginative the band truly is as they actually created the story-line and produced the video with the help of some very talented folks and special guests.  

If you have viewed some of their previous music videos you may have noticed some familiar faces as the recurring theme is that the special guests remain the same.  You will see cameo's from William Lee Golden, Robert Reynolds, Doug Phelps and Nashville clothes designer Manuel.  DJ Captain Jack from Renegade Radio is also present and playing a role that was seemingly made for him.   These folks are big supporters of AMTW and show it by appearing in their projects.  

The band tells us that this music video was filmed over a course of several days shot between rain storms.  The video was shot at several different locations around the Nashville, Tennessee area.  

The costumes were designed by Elydjah Design of Paris, France and Boot-tights, USA.  The bass player and leader of the band Antoine Wolf would like to do a special shout out to William Wiltshire for his incredible work behind the camera lens.  Wiltshire has worked with fantastic artists like Alan Jackson and the B52's.  

The 'Ramlin' music video can be seen on The Heartland, ZUUS Network, GAC and The Phil Mack International Country Show on Sky TV.  

Other fine publications you can read about AMTW and their 'Ramblin' music video are:  

Make sure to check out Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves on their website and like them on Facebook.  

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