Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marie's Garden is a safe haven for autistic children

Marie's Garden is a brand new organization raising funds to start facilities that will help families with children that have been diagnosed having any of the conditions within the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). 

Marie's Garden will also accept children who have OCD and ADHD into the after hour and weekend programs as well.  Marie's Garden has a Mission Statement that says, “To provide a safe haven and nurturing environment for children to visit that have been diagnosed with conditions within the Autism Spectrum Disorder, plus diagnosed with OCD and ADHD.   The Founder/Director/Fund Raiser Danielle Watt is striving to open a facility in one of the southern states in America and a prime location in Australia.  

The amount of funding garnered will dictate where each facility will be opened as different regions require different start up funding amounts.  The Founder and Major fund raiser Danielle Watt has a young daughter who was diagnosed last year with Autism and has created this project to offer parents a break after school or on weekends so they can get their chores done while providing an understanding, nurturing safe place for their children to visit.  

A Go Fund Me page has been created for this purpose.  You can visit the "Marie's Garden' Project to learn more about the personal reasons Ms. Watt has elected to make this her life’s mission.  If you would like to interview Ms. Watt, please use the below contact information.